Choose The Best-Colored Lens For Your Eyes Even If You Have Astigmatism!

Wearing colored contact lenses is a desire that many people have. However, it is not always a possibility for those, who have certain eye problems or defects of the eyes. But, despite the problems of the eyes, there are options for you that will let you wear the colored contact lenses that you have always desired to wear. How? Different kinds of contact lenses are suitable for various purposes. Hence, if you look around, you will find one that will suit your condition as well.

If there is a defect of the eyes, you need to take care of them at first and then, choose the right option for your contact lenses. Amongst the many eye difficulties that many people face, astigmatism is one of the most important ones. Well, before you proceed on to knowing if there is a chance for you to wear the colored contact lenses for your eyes, it is a must that you have your eyes prescribed correctly.

What is astigmatism?

This is a condition of the eye, or rather a defect, in which there is a deviation of the spherical curvature. It is due to this deviation from the spherical curvature that the light rays, do not meet in a particular or common focus. Therefore, the images that are seen by the person are distorted. This is a common defect that many people have and therefore, whether you are suffering from this problem or not, needs to be known beforehand. Why? Because the treatment or lens type for this condition primarily differs from the regular lenses.

Choosing the right lenses:

Those, who have no difficulty with their eyes and vision, can always choose the normal contact lenses. These have no power adjustments but have tinted or colored lens materials used for vanity purposes.

But, those, who are looking for color contacts for astigmatism, need to understand how their contact lenses differ from the usual ones.

These have a –

  • Thick bottom, so that the lens does not rotate with blinking eyes.
  • As the lens stays in position, the focal point stays fixed, so that the light reflects right onto the focal point.
  • There are curves in different angles of the lens, and hence, they can help the light accurately meet on the focus.

These lenses are called the Toric lenses that are meant for the patients of astigmatism.

Wearing the colored lenses for astigmatism patients:

If you have astigmatism and if you want to wear colored lenses, you need to ask the makers of the lenses, do they make colored contacts for astigmatism? The best manufacturers certainly do. With a prescription, you will need to visit the lens manufacturers, and they will create the colored lenses for you. You can have the color that will suit your requirements.

What you need to be careful about these lenses is that you need to take proper care of them. You must clean them and disinfect them and store them properly so that they do not get damaged.

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